Geometric Mean Calculator
Usage:  The geometric mean is used in Monthly Operations Reports (MOR) for water and wastewater utilities.
These reports are submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The geometric mean is the nth root of the product of a set of samples. Simply put, it represents the average value of a set of 2 or more samples that may have geometric progression characteristics. Because the calculation involves multiplying all numbers together, no number can equal 0.

To use the geometric mean calculator simple enter your samples. Then process the samples by clicking on the [SUBMIT] button. Do not skip any entry boxes. TNTC or tntc are acceptable. They will be converted to 20,000. Calculations start with POINT1 and end at the first BLANK or ZERO point.

A graph is now displayed with the results. Your points, the geometric mean, arithmetic mean, +/- 1 standard deviation from the geometric mean, and the linear equation created using least squares approximation are displayed. Graph is automatically displayed for sample sets of less than 32 points with a maximum point less than 50,000. You can click on the graph to enlarge it.

The following values are also calculated:

Change history
8/16/2000 Compute equation using least squares method.
8/30/2000 Split results into 2 columns, numbers aligned right
8/30/2000 Set focus on first cell using Java script
11/21/2000 Maximum number of points increased to 60.
02/20/2001 Graph data set if <31 points and max val < 50000

Geometric Mean calculator

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